Day 91: April Showers and Unimpressed Gods

Anubis StatueI have officially made it a quarter of the way through my year of daily sketches.  It is now April and I am three months in.  If I had been a bit more on top of things maybe I could have thought up a good April Fool’s sketch.  It’s a day that has never really been on my radar much though an it didn’t even occur to me that it was April Fool’s day until well after I had done my sketch.  I’m not sure what I would have drawn anyway though.  I had a hard enough time coming up with something to sketch as it is.

I was feeling a bit too tired and worn out today to attempt a full portrait but wanted to try to do a bit better than yesterday’s random doodles.  When my husband learned of my dilemma he decided to flood me with some suggestions.  He’s very helpful and persevered even in the face of my dubious looks and dismissive grunts at some of his suggestions.  One of the things he suggested was this statue and I decided it was a good idea in the end despite some initial hesitation.

This is a statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the afterlife.  It was a gift from my best friend many years ago.  We were both big mythology buffs and she picked it up for me on a school music trip out of town that I hadn’t come along for.  The statue is just of the head, as pictured.  I actually think I did a better job of capturing it that I expected.  I’m not quite happy with the eyes and ears.  I think the perspective is still a bit off.  Still, all in all it’s not too bad.  It’s been a pretty rainy and blah sort of day here, so between that and how tired I was feeling I wasn’t really expecting much.


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