Day 90: Random Doodles and Quick Sketches in Transit

Girl on BusToday was another out and about type of day and I didn’t get home until very very late.  I did a few quick doodles and sketches while I was out in town with my husband though and on the way back home.  This first one is actually one of the last ones I did.  It was of a girl on the bus we were taking back home.  When I decided to draw her she was listening to music and not paying much attention to anything so she seemed like a good subject.  Unfortunately she quickly became more attentive and I was trying not to appear stalkerish.  As a result of that and the fact that I have a slight tendency towards motion sickness I didn’t get much detail here and didn’t achieve a good likeness.My husband and I went to see a movie this evening.  I decided to do some sketching in the movie theater in the brief time before the film started.  When I asked him what I should draw he told me to draw the movie theater and then told me to draw a made up anime character.  I gave both of them a shot although I didn’t put much time or effort into either.

Movie Theatre

Made Up Anime Character

This is what happens when I draw a head without using any construction lines and then try to attach it to a body.  I didn’t even attempt the hands on this because they would have been a disaster.

There was one more doodle I did today.  While we were out we stopped in an electronics store and I took a look at a Surface Pro that they had on display.  That’s something I could never afford but I was a bit curious about how it handles so I decided to try doing a quick doodle on the store model using the stylus they had next to it.

Doodle on Surface ProI was unimpressed with the responsiveness of the screen to the stylus.  I can’t say for sure which was at fault between the two.

So there you have it.  No real sketch for today. just a few quick doodles.  Still, at least I’m still drawing.  As long as I do that I’ll keep learning and making progress, even if it is slow.  Now I need to go catch up on some sleep.


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