Day 85: Of Lamps and Beach Balls and Early Bedtimes

The LampToday I really am going to go to bed early at all costs.  I figured that if this was to be achieved I ought not to try anything too ambitious for today’s sketch.  I decided on a simple still life.  I haven’t done very many of those lately and they don’t take me as long as portrait attempts do (even bad ones).  Besides, the lamp was just sitting there asking to be drawn.  It turns out I maybe shouldn’t have listened to it.  This isn’t exactly my best still life ever and not just because I misjudged the scale and ended up not being able to fit the whole lamp on the page.  I actually had a lot of difficulty with the perspective on this one.  The base  of the lamp was particularly difficult to figure out.  I probably could have done a bit better if I spent more time on it but I didn’t want to get too bogged down in anything, particularly after yesterday’s disastrous portrait.

I drew some more beach balls instead to cheer me up.  I still haven’t quite got the hang of these yet but I am having fun practicing them at least.  It may seem boring to just draw endless beach balls day after day but they seem so happy and bouncy.  Also, trying to wrap my brain around where everything goes is still mentally taxing for me.  It probably shouldn’t be this hard but for some reason I’m really struggling with it.  I think I may do some colour ones at some point just for fun.  They’ll look even friendlier in colour, don’t you think?

More Beach Balls - Part 1More Beach Balls - Part 2

Now that I’ve done all this it occurs to me that I had decided on Thursday as my figure drawing day.  I would go to posemaniacs and do a couple 60 second gestures just to make up for it but with my computer issues it doesn’t seem as easy as it otherwise would be.  I don’t want to end up blowing my dreams of an early bedtime again trying to figure it out.  I’ll definitely do some figures tomorrow though and then I’ll start on my weekly rotation next Thursday instead.  Hopefully I remember next time around.


5 thoughts on “Day 85: Of Lamps and Beach Balls and Early Bedtimes

  1. I think this is a fine sketch and a good addition to the “done-every-day” collection. I hear you about being disappointed in sketching. I’ve been disappointed lately in my sketches. There is so much more I want to capture and say, but my skills remain so limited. The only thing is to keep pressing forward.

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