Day 83: More Robot Heads and Other Silly Things

More Robot HeadsToday I just wasn’t having a good drawing day.  I’m not quite sure why.  I spent a long time trying to figure out what to draw.  This involved a big long argument with myself about what I ought to draw versus what I wanted to draw.  In the end I decided that I just wanted to draw more robot heads so I went for it.

Unfortunately I just felt like I couldn’t really get the hang of these today.  It took me forever just to get one down and I just couldn’t get it to look right.  I was probably over thinking it a bit.  All of them just kept feeling off and in the end I wasn’t happy with any of them.This led me to think that I needed more practice with just the basic sphere and trying to split it up into equal divisions.  I drew a page of circles and tried to go through the process of making it look three dimensional and figuring out where the dividing lines needed to go and why.  Basically I was trying to deconstruct the beach ball into its component parts and figure out ow to reconstruct it properly.  This led to a page of circles, atoms and beach balls.

Beachballs and Circles

I feel like I was starting to get the hang of these near the end but I was still struggling with them a lot.  Trying to think in three dimensions can be a bit taxing sometimes and I just couldn’t seem to get my head into it today.

I decided that I would do a page of just basic patterns and doodles to wind down.

Random Doodles

Turns out that I spent a lot of time over thinking these too and struggling a lot.  Today just wasn’t my day for this.  I couldn’t get myself into the right frame of mind for drawing.  I suppose it’s bound to happen once in a while when you’re drawing every single day for a whole year.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen too often though.  With any luck I’ll be feeling more up to drawing tomorrow and won’t be as thoroughly disappointed with everything I produce.  Fingers crossed.


9 thoughts on “Day 83: More Robot Heads and Other Silly Things

      1. Fair enough. That’s sort of similar to what I’m doing right now.

        What I meant was that you’ve actually been going through some of the pages and actively studying and trying to reproduce them. That’s something I haven’t done for months. I’m still trying read through books to see which ones will be most helpful to me and develop my own plan of attack.


    1. Thank you. I appreciate the support.

      Hopefully I’ll be able to keep a bit more of a positive perspective today. I was feeling a bit gloomy and tired last night.


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