Day 81: Epic Hand Day!

Clenched HandLately I’ve been feeling more like doing a lot of bad sketches than trying to focus my energies into one good sketch.  I’m not sure which is the better approach really.  I feel like I can learn a lot by just playing around with different things when I’m doing crappy little sketches without really trying to have a focus.  On the other hand putting more effort into trying to get a nice drawing done can teach me things too.  Probably I’ll just switch back and forth between the two depending on which one appeals to me more at any given time.  Right now, drawing a lot of bad sketches definitely feels more appealing.  I’m sure it could change anytime though.

Of course today is a bit different because Sunday is hand day.  So what do you get when you mix an inclination to draw a lot of bad sketches with the requirement that you draw at least one hand?  Epic hand day!  I decided to draw a whole bunch of hands, and fingers, and robot hands.  I figured those robot heads could use some hands to go with them.  Robots need hands too!  Anyway, I’m having fun breaking complex forms down into a collection of 3D shapes.

More Hands Studies of Fingers Robot Hands

They’re not very pretty to look at but they were a lot of fun to draw.  I’ll definitely have to return to some of the hand poses again later because some of them were quite tricky.  Right now I’m mostly just having fun experimenting again though without getting too bogged down in trying to get things just right.


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