Day 78: The Finished Painting

Stage 4: Just Add WaterHere it is at last! This is the painting I was so determined to get done. It took me far longer than I was hoping. I stayed up ridiculously late trying to get it done. It’s a birthday gift for my Mother-in-Law and her birthday is today so I had to get it done before I could go to sleep.

All in all I think it turned out alright. I think I could have done a bit better on the colours. I still haven’t completely figured out the watercolour pencils yet. Still, considering the time pressure it’s not too bad.

Now I really desperately need sleep though.


8 thoughts on “Day 78: The Finished Painting

    1. She did seem to be quite happy with it.

      Of course she’s a very nice and friendly lady in general. I probably could have given her a picture of some stick figures and she would have at least pretended to love it. I do think she was genuinely pleased with this though.

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    1. Lol, that was one of the many mistakes I made on this. It was supposed to be dark red.

      The pencil crayon looked dark red! I swear! I suppose a faded version of a wine red does end up being pink though. I decided to just roll with it. I think it looks better than a bright or faded red would have anyway.


      1. I think if it were too dark or bright it would pull the focus away from the rest of the picture. It’s great how it is. The drawing is superb – we’ll done.

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