Day 77: An Experiment with Watercolour Pencils

Young Mother and Child - Watercolour Pencil StudyAlright, so I didn’t exactly make a choice out of the three options that I listed yesterday. I thought it was important to test out a full figure before jumping into the actual full painting. I also wanted to test out my materials though. So I combined those two and tried to do a full figure study and paint it.

I decided to use the old set of watercolour pencils that’s been sitting in my drawer since god knows when. I’ve been wanting to try then out and this seemed like a good opportunity to do it. I think it actually turned out okay all things considered. I totally screwed up the face. It looked horrible to begin with and then I tried to fix it and just ended up making it worse. Hopefully I can do a bit better on the final painting.

You may have also noticed that I lied about there only being three faces in the painting. There are actually four, I just didn’t feel the need to do studies on the fourth one because of how tiny and blobby it is. I don’t have time to do any other studies though anyway. It’s time to jump into the full painting and just hope for the best. I’m going to do it in the watercolour pencils so technically I suppose it will be more of a drawing than a painting. I think the watercolour pencils worked alright. I definitely made some mistakes but feel like I have a better idea of how to approach it now.

The other thing I learned from this figure study was that I need to draw them larger to get the level of detail I’m going for. With that in mind I decided to crop the area of the photo that I’m going to be replicating so that it’s half figures rather than full figures. That way I can make them a bit larger and also focus in more on the area that’s important. I did a rough layout of it so far.

Stage 1: The Block InI think the composition actually works out fairly well. I laid it out on a grid because I didn’t really trust myself to get all of the proportions right free hand. It feels a bit like cheating but I’m a bit pressed for time and I’m trying to get this right. Tomorrow I’ll try to do all of the detailing and get it coloured in. Hopefully I don’t screw it up completely. Wish me luck?

Sorry for the image quality by the way. I spilled water all over my desk earlier this evening so I don’t have computer access right now. Hopefully nothing’s wrecked but I’m letting everything dry out before I try using it again.


3 thoughts on “Day 77: An Experiment with Watercolour Pencils

  1. I love this! I have a feeling the finished product will be fine, even if you’re not satisfied with the resemblances, because you really have the emotions down. I use grids all the time in my art, but I never considered using one to figure out proportions. Seems like a good solution here. Good luck!

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    1. Thanks for the support! Between the computer spill and rushing to get the painting done I’ve been pretty absentee for the last few days. At least I finished it though :).

      It didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d hoped but I actually did do a decent job on getting the resemblances right so that was nice.

      I mostly wanted to make sure I got everything in the right place before getting too deep into the process so that was what I used the grid for. It was really handy for that and I was definitely relying on it for proportions because I’m terrible at those. It was a pain to erase though.

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