Day 76 cont’d: The Third Full Portrait Study

Old Lady Study - ShadedI managed to get the third facial study portrait done tonight after all.  By that I mean that I stayed up much later than I should have trying to get it finished before going to bed.  I think it turned out alright all things considered.

That being said, this is the first of the three portraits where I actually feel like I prefer the smaller preliminary sketch I did.  I think it’s because I got the angle of the head off a little bit on this one.  Something about it just doesn’t look quite right.  Oh well, I have at least one more shot at it so I’ll just have to see how it turns out.  

I also actually remembered to take a picture of my line drawing again this time around so you can see that one for comparison as well.

Old Lady Study - Line DrawingThat’s all three faces present and accounted for now so I’ll have to decide what my next step is tomorrow.  I’m torn between three different options and trying to take into account my limited time scale.

  • Option 1: I could try to do full figure studies as I’d originally been intending to see if I can get the poses down alright on paper
  • Option 2: I could try to do watercolour versions of these portraits to see how it turns out painted.
  • Option 3: Just dive straight into the prep work for the actual painting and hope for the best.

I’m too tired to figure out what my best option is tonight so I’ll think about it tomorrow.  Sleep time now though.


2 thoughts on “Day 76 cont’d: The Third Full Portrait Study

    1. Thanks. I think the shading on this one actually turned out much nicer than in the finished painting. The one in the finished painting is much more accurate though as far as the positioning of the head and the facial features.


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