Day 76: Another Full Portrait Facial Study

Older Gentleman Study - ShadedI got the second of my full portrait facial studies done.  I’m fairly happy with how these are turning out so far.  Maybe I’ll actually be able to manage this painting after all.  I’m still a bit worried about it though.  The faces will have to be smaller for the actual painting and I seem to have more difficulty getting faces right the smaller they are.

This one is much fainter and a bit less detailed than the last one.  That’s partially because he’s facing full to the side and partially because the lighting in the photo was quite bad.  I’ll have to see how it turns out in the end.  I definitely got a much better likeness than in my original facial sketch for him though.  I actually ha to make a lot of adjustments to this one as I went.  Unfortunately I actually forgot to take a picture of the line drawing this time so I can’t compare them.  I have a feeling they would have been quite different from each other.  I was making a lot more adjustments during the shading on this one than I usually do.

I had a bit less time for drawing than I’d hoped for today because my husband woke up with a bad case of vertigo.  He seems to have some kind if inner ear imbalance and every time he moves his head the room spins.  As a result I was having to spend some time taking care of him as well as covering his share of the chores.  Hopefully I can still get this painting done.  I’m a bit behind schedule right now.  Fingers crossed.  I may have to just dive in without all of the preparatory steps I was trying to do.


4 thoughts on “Day 76: Another Full Portrait Facial Study

    1. Thank you 🙂

      My husband seems to be a bit prone to these inner ear/balance issues. It looks like he’s doing a little bit better now than this morning though. Hopefully a good night’s rest will be enough to get his system back in order. I think he’s getting pretty frustrated about being stuck in bed.

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