Day 75: Some More Facial Studies

More Facial StudiesThese are a few more facial studies from the reference photo I’m using.  I’m trying to get the expressions and facial structures right before committing myself to the larger painting that I want to try to do.  I’m also going to have to get the figure down at some point which so far I’ve been avoiding.  I’ll have to bite the bullet on that one at some point though.

I think I’ll try doing some slightly larger facial studies with more shading first though.  I want to see if that helps define the people a bit better since right now I still don’t think they’re really recognizable.  Getting the faces right seems like the most important part to me.  The rest will matter too to some extent but if the faces are right then any minor errors in other part won’t matter as much.  On the other hand if the faces are really badly off then it won’t matter if everything else is perfect because it will still just look wrong.  That’s my theory anyway and why I’m spending so much time on this even though it makes me feel like I’m not really making any progress.

I might work on it a little more today but I want to get this posted now so that I’m not up late again trying to get my sketches uploaded and put together a post.  I’m still working on getting my sleeping schedule back in order and trying to catch up on missed sleep so that I don’t make myself sick.


5 thoughts on “Day 75: Some More Facial Studies

    1. Thank you. I seem to have a much easier time drawing old people than I do drawing younger people. It’s frustrating figuring out which line to draw and which to leave out with younger people. With older people you can draw most of them and it looks fine. That’s my theory anyway.

      For drawing heads looking up and down I’m certainly still no expert. I think it helps to think of them as 3D objects though, that way it’s easier to figure out how they rotate. Easier said than done, I know. I’ll try to do a process sketch sometime soon to show the constructions I used for these heads. I’ve been meaning to do that anyway just for fun. Maybe you’ll find it helpful.

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    1. Thanks. The composition for this was pretty accidental. It does actually work fairly well though.

      I’m aiming to basically reproduce the photo just in a larger format so they will be structured like the photo in my finished painting. It might be a bit too ambitious for my current skill level but I suppose I’ll just have to see how it turns out.

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