Day 71: A Slightly Terrifying Portrait

A Sadly Terrifying PortraitToday I decided that I wanted to do another portrait.  This is a family member, not a celebrity so it’s not something anyone will be able to guess.  She is definitely recognizable by all accounts but I’m still really not happy with the portrait.  I think the problem is that I just picked a really bad reference picture to work from.  The drawing ended up much scarier looking than I wanted.  In the photo it actually looks like she’s smiling and I thought it looked quite nice when I started.  She is a wonderful lady and I am quite disappointed that I wasn’t able to do her justice. 

I think the issue i that she has a tendency towards giving fake smiles for the camera.  She isn’t too keen on having her photo taken so whenever she looks at the camera she puts on a big fake smile to compensate but at the same time she’s kind of shooting an “I’m not very happy with this, please put the camera away” look.  I’m honestly not sure how she pulls it off.  It’s quite impressive.  I have all of these photos of her smiling at the camera that I thought were quite nice but now that I’ve spent some time studying one of them and trying to replicate it I can see the undertone in all of them.  It’s one of those things that you just can’t un-see once you’ve seen it.

So it seems like my drawing somehow managed to accentuate all of the negatives without getting across any of the positives.  Not really what I was aiming for.  I’ll have to try to find a nice candid shot for next time.


4 thoughts on “Day 71: A Slightly Terrifying Portrait

  1. It is amazing what you see “inside” the image when you start to draw it…I find it especially true with photo portraits. Often smiles hide something else. And they are difficult to draw, but this one is well done.

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  2. The lines in your portraits are quite nice! I know you’re a little disappointed with this one, but I wanted to point that out, at least. In this drawing & in Day 67, for instance, I think you’re able to do some real nice contour drawings.

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