Day 68: Another Crummy Self Portrait Attempt

Another Self Portrait AttemptToday I decided to take another shot at drawing myself.  For some reason I thought it would go better this time.  It didn’t.  But surely if I can draw Tyrion and Obi-Wan I should be able to draw myself, right?  Wrong.  This sketch still looks nothing like me.  Interestingly enough it looks nothing like me in a completely different way than the last one I did.  Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you which one is closer.

I spent quite a long time on this one trying to get it right.  I know it doesn’t look like me at all but I can’t figure out why.  I’ve corrected and redone pretty much every feature at least twice trying to get it closer but I don’t seem to be getting anywhere.  In the end I just had to give up.  I really have no idea how to fix it and am getting tired anyway so I’ll just have to try it another time.  I clearly need some more portrait drawing practice before I attempt this again though.

I was originally intending to shade my portrait this time but I’ve changed my mind.  I’m still insisting on getting the line work right before I do any shading on any of my drawings.  The line work on this one is far from right so there’s no way I’m going to shade it.  I want to be able to get across what I’m drawing without any shading at all, then just use the shading for emphasis and to help define form.  I don’t want to be relying on shading to make my subject recognizable.

I think maybe I need to get a good photo of myself for my next self portrait.  Trying to draw yourself from the mirror is really difficult.  Maybe using a photo would work out better.  I’m not keen to try it again for a while though.  Maybe I’ll give it a shot about once a month or so.  My features clearly aren’t distinctive enough so I’ll need to reach the point where I can draw recognizable portraits of people with fairly ordinary features before I’ll be successful doing an accurate self portrait.  That means lots more practice practice practice.  So many things to work on but I’ll get there eventually.


7 thoughts on “Day 68: Another Crummy Self Portrait Attempt

  1. I like how you capture the eyes looking to the side, it made the drawing stand out. Good call on waiting to shade the portrait, sometimes I’ve started sooner and regretted it. Here is my latest post and hope you will check it out:) Let me know what you think if you like the quotes or if I should stick with illustrations. Would appreciate feedback 🙂


  2. It’s a nice drawing nevertheless. I don’t even think we know ourselves what we look like…certainly I’ve been told a self-portrait looks “just like me” when I don’t agree at all!

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    1. Yeah, I definitely think there’s something to that. Most of the time I really only have a vague idea of what I look like.

      I got my husband to confirm for me that these don’t look anything like me though. Presumably he’d know better than I would. I do think it’s harder to really see yourself though, which is of course essential to doing a proper portrait.

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