Day 66: Another Celebrity Portrait and Another Stab at Animation

Older Film Actor SketchAlright, I have another celebrity portrait for you today.  This one is an older actor, both in terms of age and time period.  Actually I think I ended up making him look even older in my drawing than he was in my reference picture.  I took a shot at the whole shading thing this time and it seems I have a tendency to age people when I shade them.  I made sure my line art was fairly solid before I started on the shading since I still really want to focus on that.  The shaded version definitely looks much nicer but I actually think he might have been more recognizable before I shaded him than he is now.  My husband was able to guess who I’d drawn right away from the pre-shading line art version of the sketch.  If no one can guess who it is from this version then I’ll post the unshaded version and see who gets it from that.  Let’s see if anyone can actually tell who it is from this version though.  It’s a film actor this time, not a television actor.  Let me know if you need any other hints, I’m not very good at teasing things without spoiling them.

I’m super excited that it’s the weekend now.  I actually have a tonne of work I should be catching up on since two of my weekdays this week ended up pretty much being a bust but I’m just going to leave that until Monday.  I decided to turn my Saturday into a full on art day.  I think it’s important for my sanity that I take time on the weekend to do some of the things that I wanted to do but felt like I didn’t have time for during the week.  I’ll just have to try to figure out how to cope with the mounting to do list on Monday.

The top of the list for things I wanted to do but wasn’t because it’s very time consuming and not terribly productive was working on this animation:


I’m really interested in animation right now.  It’s one of the main things inspiring me to keep working so hard on learning how to draw.  It’s also one of the main reasons I get so frustrated with my inability to draw figures.  I recently downloaded an open source 3D animation package and wanted to mess around with it a bit.  I want to teach myself to do animation the old fashioned 2D way as well but it doesn’t hurt to learn the newer methods and you can do some pretty interesting things with 3D modelling and animation.  First step with computer software though is always learning how to use the package.  I was following a tutorial just to give me some guidance on how to use the software and it included some instructions for modelling a basic yellow submarine based on the Beatles album cover image.  Using that tutorial as well as different tutorial and a bit of my own creativity I put together the above really short animation.

It doesn’t look like much once it’s all put together but it’s amazing how much work goes int it that you don’t even see.  Of course a lot of that was just modelling the submarine itself and figuring out what to do with the parts.  Probably it would be almost as easy to create a much longer animation with the submarine now that all of that’s been sorted out.  It looks much more impressive inside the modelling software when I can move around it and view it from lots of different angles.  I’m not sure how much more I’ll do with this software given how time consuming it is but it was a fun learning experience.

I also did a super quick figure sketch just to keep practicing that.  I’m going to try to just squeeze these in on a regular basis even if they’re bad.  That way hopefully I’ll gradually improve.

Figure with Feet Up Practice Sketch


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