Day 64 cont’d: Swimming with the Fishes

Swimming with the FishesAlright, so after my post earlier this evening I meant to go to bed.  Really, I did.  Then I suddenly found myself doing another one of those terrible iPhone finger paintings.

These take far too long and are far too inaccurate and usually end up looking terrible.  I’m not sure why I keep doing them.  I need to start playing with colours in a medium that isn’t terrible.

Anyway, just thought that since I stayed up half the night doing this for no apparent reason I may as well post it.  It’s another moment from today’s beach trip.  I was swimming and there were these fairly large fish literally swimming right under me.  It was actually quite cool.

I’m going to go sleep now though.


4 thoughts on “Day 64 cont’d: Swimming with the Fishes

      1. I think if you can do it with your finger on a phone, you could also do it elsewhere. Maybe you should use a medium like oil or acrylic where you can paint over and over again until it fits. 😊

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      2. You’re probably right and I’ll have to try that out sometime. I just find acrylics so messy so it feels more like a major project pulling them out.

        I’m also running low on my acrylic paints and they might have dried out as I don’t think I’ve even used them since high school. I’ll get around to remedying that sometime soonish though. It’s on the list.

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