Day 63: A Trip to the Appliance Store

Some Impressions from a Car RideToday I spent most of the day looking for fridges.  This wasn’t exactly a planned thing, it was kind of sprung on me last minute.  Most of the time not spent browsing appliance stores looking at fridges was spent looking up fridges online and trying to figure out which are the best models.  The results were fairly inconclusive.  The only conclusions I was able to draw were that fridge shopping is a huge pain and that the internet can be very annoying.  We still didn’t actually end up getting a fridge so this adventure is likely to be continued on another day.

Anyway, I was worried that with all of this I wouldn’t get much time to draw so I grabbed my sketchbook on my way out the door.  The appliance first store we wanted to look at was in another town nearby so we had a bit of a drive to get there.  I decided to do some sketching on the drive there since it didn’t seem likely that I’d have much of a chance to sketch at the actual store.  So today’s sketch is just some impressions from our drive to the appliance store.  Super exciting, I know.

I suppose it does count as life drawing though … sort of.  All of the things I drew were actual things I saw, I just didn’t have much time to look at most of them.


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