Day 61: Hanging Out with the Cats

The Cool CatI finally remembered to spend some time hanging out with my cats today to do a sketch of one of them.  This was no easy feat.  Neither of them was feeling like being a particularly patient model and they both kept moving around.  In the end I managed to get the general idea of this one down just before my husband got home and they both started running around looking for attention again.  So I had to finish the sketch mostly from memory. 

It definitely turned out better than my last attempt at a cat sketch so I suppose that’s an improvement.  Although that one was not from life so it’s not exactly the best comparison.  The most challenging part was the head and I’m still not happy with it.  I think the only time that a cat’s head actually stays still for more than a couple seconds is when it’s sleeping.  In this case, whenever I glanced up from the paper the head had moved.  Like I said, not the most patient models.

I kept trying to get the head right but I’m still not really happy with how it turned out.  My husband doesn’t think I got the legs quite right, although I though those were pretty good.  My mother on the other hand seems to think that the arms don’t look right.  So I suppose between us the whole sketch is pretty much completely inaccurate.  I guess this is another subject that I’ll have to work on a bit more.  Luckily I have two models to work from … if only I can get them to sit still for a while and let me draw them …


5 thoughts on “Day 61: Hanging Out with the Cats

  1. Take pictures of the cats and draw? I know from experience how frustrating it is, but it can be a nice challenge if you’re willing to let go of a finished sketch and just get a bunch of gesture drawings down. I think you’ve made an excellent start with this drawing.

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    1. Thank you. I think the gesture approach is probably a good idea. I just need to get a bit of a better handle of cat anatomy. I seem to be even worse at drawing cats from photos than from life. Of course it can be hard to get my cats to stay still long enough even to get a good photo sometimes.

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  2. Drawing cats is hard for me as well, I have such a hard time getting action sketches when I don’t have one. I need more practice.. great job :0) You did great!

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    1. Thank you. This wasn’t exactly an action shot but I’m sure I could get plenty of those out of these two cats. I just need to get my drawing skills and speed up to par so that I can capture the movement quickly enough. Either that or try to get some action photos that aren’t too blurry to make out.

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