Day 60: The First Day of the Third Month

A New Month Brings A New HandWell, I’ve made it to March now.  I’ve got two whole months of daily sketching behind me now and at least ten more ahead of me.  There’s no need to worry though.  Despite the slight melodrama of yesterday I have no intention of giving up.  Everyone has those moments sometimes where they feel like they’ll never be good enough, even the pros.  That’s really the whole reason I’m doing this in the first place, to overcome those kinds of fears and just push forward and see for myself what I can do.  I’ll never know what I’m capable of if I don’t try.  So I look forward to all of the learning that the next ten months of sketching will bring.

Today’s sketch was another one of my weekly hand sketches.  This one is a bit different from my previous hand sketches.  It’s actually my husband’s hand that I was drawing today.  He decided to pose it for me.  All of the previous hand sketches have been my own hand.  I let him choose the pose.  It was quite refreshing not having to come up with a hand pose for myself for once.  He also chose quite an interesting and challenging angle.  I think this hand sketch is a little more perspective heavy than my previous ones.  I’m not sure I got it quite right, especially because we had to stop halfway through and then resume the sketch a few hours later and his hand wasn’t in exactly the same position the second time around.  Still, it mostly looks like a hand.  It’s just off in some of the details.  I’ve got at least another 43 hands to practice with though so I’m sure I’ll get it right eventually.  It’s already much better than I thought I was capable of just a few months ago.  By December I should be pretty experienced with these.  They may never be perfect but they’ll only get better as they go.


7 thoughts on “Day 60: The First Day of the Third Month

      1. I think I probably will but it’s too early to say for sure right now. You never know what might happen.

        I’m really enjoying it so far though so if it was December right now I’d definitely be signing myself up for another full year :).

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