Day 58: A Day of Commuting

Commuters 1I really did draw today, just like I promised.  I sketched quite a lot actually.  I went into town again and was out all day which allowed me to see lots of interesting people and get interesting sketches.  The only problem is … I was out all day.  By the time I got home I was totally exhausted.  So I’m really tired right now and as a result don’t have much to say about these sketches or anything else.

So yeah, I saw lots of cool people.  I tried to draw them all stealthily like and for the most part failed horribly.  Quite a few of them weren’t looking at me and the ones who were quite often shifted and moved around a lot which made them really hard to capture.  I tried to still get across a general impression of the people as I saw them.  Some turned out better than others.  I did six pages of these in my sketchbook so I’m posting the rest below.  I’ll keep working on my life drawing skills so that hopefully I can get better at these for next time.  For now though, I’m just going to go sleep.

Commuters 3

Commuters 2 Commuters 6 Commuters 5 Commuters 4


4 thoughts on “Day 58: A Day of Commuting

    1. It’s definitely great practice. The worst is when they notice that you’re looking at them and start giving you funny looks and shifting around more. I think I need to work on my stealth sketching skills.

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      1. Lol. Oh dear, not the stink eye from an old lady. I would have withered under that. I like to just assume that I’m being paranoid and people aren’t actually glaring at me when I think they are.


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