Day 57: An Electric Pencil Sharpener

Electric Pencil SharpenerToday’s sketch isn’t much to look at I’m afraid.  It is another one of my random object life drawings but I didn’t put as much time into it as I have some of the others and it’s a pretty boring object to begin with.

There’s this project that I told myself I was going to finish this month … that I’m definitely not going to finish this month.  Anyway, I wanted to feel like I’d at least made some progress on it so I was mostly working on that today instead of sketching.  I suppose that’s only fair since for the rest of the month I’ve been mostly working on my drawing (or trying to learn more about drawing anyway) instead of working on the project.  Why does February have to be such a short month?  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get a bit more sketching done.

I haven’t done my random drawing exercises for a couple days now and I’m actually starting to miss them.  I’ll have to get back to those soon too.  Tonight though I really need to get an early night because I have another early morning tomorrow.  I’ll get this whole balance thing sorted out sooner or later.


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