Day 56: A Stapler and Some Random Doodles

StaplerFor my random household object of the day I chose a stapler.  It was a bit of an oddly shaped stapler so it may not have been the best choice ever.  Also I have a bit of a headache and am feeling suboptimal as a result so this may not be the most amazing sketch of all time.  I’m not as happy with it as I was with the screwdriver is what I’m trying to say here.  Still, I do think that by and large it does look like a stapler.  At least I don’t seem to be getting any worse at this life drawing thing.  That’s encouraging.

I have a few sillier doodles that I did today too.  I was out shopping earlier today.  I actually had every intention of sitting down and doing some sketches of random people walking by (or at least attempting to) but it didn’t end up happening.  I spent a bit too long shopping and browsing and then had to get home and didn’t have time to sit and sketch at the mall as I’d intended.  One of the main reasons for that is probably because I decided to wander over to the office supply store across the street from the mall.  I was looking at the various pens and pencils and markers, specifically the inking type pens.

At some point I want to try drawing with ink rather than pencil to force myself to commit more to my lines.  I don’t think I’m actually ready for that step yet, I’m quite attached to my pencil and eraser, but I wanted to look at the various pens available anyway.  They had various different types at the office store along with those long strips of paper for you to test the pens out on.  So of course I had to do a random doodle with each of the pens and pencils I tried out.  This was purely to test the pens of course … not out of any sort of childishness…

Anyway, I ended up taking pictures of some of the random doodles I did in the store with my phone so that I could post them here.  I figured that way if for whatever reason I didn’t get around to doing a real sketch today at least I’d have some evidence that I did in fact draw something.  So here they are.

Angry Face Quizzical Face Looking Up Shocked Face Looking Down

These pictures really show off how dirty the paper in that store gets.  The faces are all pretty goofy and basic.  Apparently that’s what happens when I’m using ink and am forced to commit to my lines instead of stumbling all over them and constantly correcting.  Also I didn’t want to spend hours in the store trying to craft a masterpiece.  I was there for long enough as it was and didn’t even end up buying anything.  I probably would have been better off sitting in the food court and sketching as I’d intended but oh well.  I had fun with these anyway so that’s really  all that matters.


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