Day 55: Just a Regular Ol’ Screwdriver

A Screwdriver (sadly not sonic)So apparently I’m losing track of the days already.  Yesterday I got a bit ahead of myself and claimed to be on Day 55 of my 365 day challenge.  This was clearly a dirty rotten lie.  Today is actually Day 55 though.  I checked this time… well, I did the math anyway.  Of course I can’t have two Day 55s!  Then everyone would know that I’m a liar.  So I’ve fixed yesterday’s post to reflect my new and more accurate understanding of time, dates and mathematics.  I’m sure you all needed to know that.

As for that drawing thing that I sometimes do (is that what this blog is supposed to be about?), well I did one of those today too.  It’s a sketch of a screwdriver.  Again, this is a specific real life screwdriver not a made up one.  That’s right, I managed to find yet another random household object to draw.  I also spotted a few others while I was looking for one so I think I may be able to keep this still life drawing thing going for a while longer.  Oh yay, how fun!  Well they may not be much to look at but I am beginning to buy into the idea that they can be quite educational.

I’m actually quite proud of today’s sketch.  I’ve examined it fairly closely a few times over and still I really do think that it actually does look like a screwdriver.  Even better, it actually looks like the specific screwdriver that I was trying to represent.  Amazing!  I drew something that actually looks like what I wanted it to look like.  Either that’s a total fluke that I’ll never be able to repeat or I’m actually making some progress here.  Possibly it’s a little bit of both.  It did go through several stages of not looking at all like a screwdriver.  There was actually some sort of methodology to this sketch though so there is a chance that it would be repeatable should I ever be inspired to try.

I was actually constructing it out of the various shapes and components.  Again all of my practice with ellipses and 3D shapes and lines was floating in the forefront of my mind as I as sketching and helped give me a better idea of how to construct it.  I think I might be learning something here.  As a show of appreciation I decided that it would be a good idea to do more of those exercises today.  They’re not very glamorous though and are a bit of a pain to upload so I won’t post all of them here.  I may post a few once in a while.  So far I’ve only done the boring ones today though so I might post the interesting ones when I get to them.  Of course if anyone actually does find the boring ones interesting you can let me know and I’ll post some of those too.


4 thoughts on “Day 55: Just a Regular Ol’ Screwdriver

    1. Thanks :). I wanted to draw a line under the screwdriver just to make sure it was tilting down at a steady angle and not crooked or anything. Then I figured I may as well turn that line into a shadow since my screwdriver was casting a very clear shadow right about there.

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    1. Thank you. I think drawing random objects is good practice. It teaches me how to judge proportions and try to see perspective more accurately. Also it saves me the trouble of trying to think of something new and exciting to draw every day.


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