Day 54: A Teacup! Or… I suppose it’s just a mug

A Tea Cup Mug ThingToday I decided to draw a mug.  More specifically, the mug that I was drinking my tea out of.  I’m not entirely clear on the distinction between a teacup (a purpose designed cup?) and just a regular cup that has tea in it.  Either way. this is my drawing of that particular object.  I seem to have a decent string of life drawings going right now so I figured I may as well keep it up, at least until I run out of ideas for objects to draw.  I’m told it’s good practice.

I learned, or rather realized, a few different things from drawing this mug.  The first was the beginnings of a proper comprehension of what all of those muscle memory exercises I keep doing are actually for. When I was beginning to sketch this cup I started to realize that I was thinking about my lines more consciously and trying to control them better in the ways I’ve been practicing.  Unfortunately I’m not actually very good at that yet so I’m not quite sure that I’m seeing the benefits of the practice yet.  Still, it’s encouraging to notice some effect, even if it’s only an increased awareness at this point.  The second thing I noticed , which is very much related to the first thing, was that I definitely need a lot more practice on my ellipses.  I can draw them fairly well now using the loose gestural “from the shoulder” style where I just go round and round until it looks just right.  I’m not sure that really counts though.  As soon as I take a firmer grip on the pencil and try to draw them in with a harder line they get completely warped.  Maybe I need to practice controlled ellipses as well as gestural ellipses.  It’s quite confusing.  The last lesson I learned was that I need to stop drawing with my sketchbook perched on my lap or my arm.  It’s convenient but not very stable.  When I’m trying to get a hard line it definitely doesn’t help when my pencil is pushing the sketchbook from side to side.  Drawing on a table tends to make things come out a bit less crooked.

I also did some more 3D shapes today.  This is my favourite of the exercises.  That’s probably because the end result is a bit more interesting to look at than some of the others.  I also find it easier to understand the practical applications of this one and feel more engaged with the creative process of where to put the shapes and how to draw them.

February 23 - 3D Shapes ExerciseI actually did all of the other exercises last night but didn’t get around to doing the 3D shapes one before going to bed.  So today I got to do just the 3D shapes to round it off!  Rewarding procrastination probably isn’t the best way to go, eh?  I’m going to set a bad precedent for myself.


4 thoughts on “Day 54: A Teacup! Or… I suppose it’s just a mug

  1. Loved this sketch.. It inspired me to draw one for a post and will mention you 🙂 Great tips and enjoyed the last sketch as well. Thanks for sharing . If you have a second can you check out this post, looking for feedback from other artists. Would love to know what you think and if you have any suggestions. I followed your blog and looking forward to more posts. Erin~ Feel free to leave a link in my post to share your blog.


    1. Thank you. I’m glad you found inspiration from it and look forward to seeing yours.

      I like your palm tree painting too. It has quite an interesting style and the colour palette is very eye catching.


    1. I’m glad to hear it. I like commenting on some of the things I’m learning and the challenges I encounter. It helps to solidify them for me and allows me to examine them more myself and stay conscious of the whole process.

      There’s so much to learn that it can feel a bit overwhelming at times. It helps to break it down a bit and focus on the little things I’m learning along the way.

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