Day 53: A Sketchy Hand Gesture

Hand GestureToday is Sunday and for those of you who don’t know, I arbitrarily decided back in January that every Sunday I would make and effort to draw a hand.  So far it’s always been my own hand because that one is attached to the rest of my body and therefore most readily available.  It also gives the opportunity to get some more practice with life drawing which is always a good thing.

The challenge I’m finding is trying to come up with creative new ways to pose my hand that I haven’t already done.  Today I thought I’d come up with a very creative new pose that was also fairly emotive.  I was quite proud of myself.  Two problems arose with that. 

1) About halfway through drawing it I got an odd sense of deja vu and realized it was actually eerily similar to (although not exactly the same as) a pose that I’d already done.  So much for creativity and innovation.

2) Since it was a difficult pose to sustain while drawing I had to constantly repeat it.  I moved out of it to make adjustments and then back into it to check myself so many times that the gesture lost all meaning.  Actually I was getting pretty close t my hand as a whole losing all meaning to me.

Nonetheless, I think the result isn’t too terrible.  I’m not quite happy with it but I think I got across a slightly better sense of perspective on the hand this time.  I’m also starting to learn which lines are most important, I think.  Luckily I’ve got at least another 44 hands to draw before the year is over so I’ll have lots more chances to practice.


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