Day 49: A Real Live Phone and Some Other Boring Things

PhoneHere’s a phone.  It is the phone that sits in my room/study area.  I wanted to practice life drawing some more so I drew it.  I’m really tired.  Anyway, yeah I was working more on the whole visual measuring concept and trying to get accurate proportions in life drawings.  I think this one is actually a bit better than yesterday’s although it’s still not quite right.  I’m talking purely accuracy here, I actually liked the drawing of the bottle better but that’s irrelevant.  The point is that this drawing looks a bit more like the real live phone that’s currently somewhere in the same room I’m in than yesterday’s drawing looked like the actual real life bottle that I had been drinking from earlier that day.  I’m going to call that progress even though I think the drawing itself is a bit ugly.

I also did some more of those hand training exercises.  I think I’m getting a little better at those too although they started falling apart near the end because of how tired I was getting.  These are mostly repeats of the ones earlier this week.

February 18 - 3D Shapes Exercise February 18 - Bubble Exercise February 18 - Overlapping Circles Exercise February 18 - Thick Lines ExerciseUnfortunately I didn’t manage to squeeze in any speed gesture drawings today.  I suppose I’m effectively switching exercises from day to day, practicing different things.  I’ll go with that for now anyway.  I think if I tried to do any speed gestures now I’d probably just pass out.  Speaking of passing out … I think I’m actually going to go do that now.


6 thoughts on “Day 49: A Real Live Phone and Some Other Boring Things

    1. I think it gets a bit easier the longer I do it. For the first two or three weeks it wasn’t really a habit yet so it was more something I had to remind myself about. Now I think I’m reaching the point where it would feel really strange not to draw for a whole day. It’s still hard though on some days like yesterday where I don’t get around to it until really late in the day and am delaying going to bed so that I can do my drawing.

      Your daily drawings are really impressive though. I don’t think I could draw anything like that on a daily basis. Your lines are really confident too and I know I’m still quite hesitant with mine. I’m working on it though so hopefully I’ll get there eventually. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration.

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  1. Oh you’re drawing every day too? Cool! I’ll put a link up on my site to yours. I’m trying to make a collection of similar sites.. By the way, if you’re interested we’re a few “daily drawers” all contributing to a reddit-message board daily.. (well there are 3 of us).. it would be cool to have some more people come join it and make it bigger.. It’s on .. Anyway good work on the telephone, and keep drawing every day! I’m 5 months in!


    1. Nice, I’ve only been doing this since the new year started officially (although I was trying to draw at least a bit most days before that). Still, that pretty much makes me a newb compared to you now.

      5 months, wow, that still seems a world away! I appreciate the encouragement though and I’ll be sure to check out your board.

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  2. I like that you’re drawing boring things – because that’s what I’ve been trying to do! Well, I’ve been slacking off a bit lately as I’ve worked on some other things. But I think it’s a great idea to draw normal everyday things, rather than just focusing on people, animals, & perhaps some scenery.

    I think those training exercises are a good idea, too – I will have to try doing something like that.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I think the theory is that drawing boring things actually helps you draw the more interesting things later. I’m pretty bad at drawing people, animals and scenery and I really want to work on all of those and get better. They’re all very complicated things though which will take a lot of work to improve on. One of the key ways to do that is to train my eye on how to see things properly and translate them onto the page which is much easier to do with simple shapes to start with.

      I think training my hand to draw those shapes more consistently and confidently should help too. I saw someone post those exercises and they seemed like a good idea to try.

      I actually saw some of your drawings of everyday objects a while ago. I thought of that when I was doing mine but I’m focusing primarily on line work right now and not worrying about all of the shading for now which made mine a bit easier than yours. I’m really impressed by all of your anatomical studies though. I wish I could make some of my gesture drawings look more like yours. I need much more practice on that.


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