Day 48: Of Bottles and Speed Gestures

Bottle SketchToday was one of those days when I didn’t draw anything until around the time I should have been going to bed.  Today was a big organization day for me, which is good because I think being more organized will increase my productivity.  It’s just a bit of an annoying process.  I spent a decent chunk of the afternoon clearing my desk and sorting through various physical files and papers.  Then I just spent hours wrestling with my computer and my phone trying to free up disk space on both of those.  It was so frustrating that when I finally finished the only thing I wanted to do was collapse and curl up in bed.  Still, I’m sticking to the daily sketches.  It’s just on days like today I think it’s mostly just out of some mild OCD-like tendency.

I have really been wanting to get more life drawing practice though.  I know it’s really important to draw from life if you want to improve your drawing skills.  Just drawing really mundane objects helps train your eyes and your perception of shapes and all that.  I always have trouble picking an object to draw though.  This time I chose a bottle.  It was on my desk and I was too exhausted to look much further than that.  I don’t think I got the proportions quite right and it’s definitely not an exact match to the actual bottle.  Still, I don’t think it looks too bad.  I just need to get more practice with visual measuring and working out proportions and angles on objects.

I also tried to squeeze in a few more of those 60 second gesture drawings.  I don’t think I was functioning at 100% because they seemed to take me much longer this time and I really only managed basic stick figures.  I definitely need to come up with a better approach to doing these.

February 17 - Speed Gestures 3a February 17 - Speed Gestures 3bStill, at least I’m getting more practice in the meantime.  If there’s one thing I’m learning it’s that there’s no use waiting until you think you’re good enough at something to start doing it.  You’ll never become any good at anything that way.  It’s much more useful to practice the thing that you’re bad at in the hopes of improving.  That’s what I’m trying to do with these.  They’re also really fun to do which is definitely a bonus.


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