Day 47: Shady Pears and some more basic drawing exercises.

Shady Pears It’s very very late so I’m not going to say much today.  I drew some shady looking pears.  This was an attempt to illustrate different shading methods to my husband because he didn’t    understand what I meant when I was talking about cross-hatching.  I don’t really have the cross-hatching thing down yet myself but I was trying to illustrate the concept to him.  I did his by comparing it and its effect to regular shading and explaining the idea of following the contours of a 3D object with your cross-hatches rather than just drawing them flat.  The third pear I drew is an example of what not to do and why (it just looks flat).  As to what TO do … well I don’t think I’m quite there yet but I’m working on it.

In the meantime I was also doing some more basic drawing exercises today.  These were just basic drills designed to train my hand to generate consistent shapes in various different ways.

February 16 - Circle ExerciseFebruary 16 - Thick Line ExerciseFebruary 16 - 3D Shapes ExerciseFebruary 16 - Parallel Arc Exercise

The idea with basically all of these was to draw a consistent repeatable shape.  One involves just drawing circles of all different sizes and trying to keep them all looking like circles.  The next exercise pictured was to draw 20 lines all on top of each other and try to keep them consistent so that it ends up just looking like one thick line rather than a frayed mess.  The third exercise you see here was a bit different.  The idea was to draw a bunch of boxes, cylinders and organic shapes and make them look 3D without any shading, using only line and perspective.  That one was quite fun fr me and lines up well with what I’ve been trying to work on.  The last exercise as you can see was much simpler and more in line with the others.  The goal was just to draw parallel arcs.  Mine are quite wavy and not very parallel so that’s something I’ll have to work on more.

I think I’ve done enough practicing for tonight now though.  Time to go to bed.


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