Day 44: A few live subjects

Casual ShoppersAlright, it is super late now and I am exhausted.  I didn’t get much sleep last night because I got to bed quite late and had an early morning appointment.  I also woke up about five times during the night which was super fun.  Then I dragged myself out of bed and off to my appointment only o find out that they’d changed the date on me.

“We’re not expecting you for another four weeks” they said when they saw me.  Turns out they’d changed the appointment from February 13th to March 13th so I get to d it all over again in another 4 weeks.  The best part: since February is a 28 day month my appointment still ends up being on Friday the 13th.  Oh joy.

Anyway, it wasn’t a total bust because I went to the shops nearby and sat on a bench people watching for a while.  I tried to do some figure drawings based on live subjects at the mall.  Unfortunately none of them would stop moving.  I think I need to do some more of those 60 second gesture drawings for practice before I try this again.  I couldn’t even capture good poses because every time I looked up they’d moved completely (often out of sight).  I think I need a seat with better sightlines and a bit more practice capturing poses really quickly.  Still, it was an interesting experience, even if it’s not much to look at.

I didn’t end up doing any exercises or timed gesture drawings today because I was working on that piece I keep babbling about.  I did another colour comp for it early this afternoon.  I actually liked how this one turned out but I realised that I just wasn’t going to have time to paint the actual piece.  I was tempted to try but it just didn’t seem feasible.  I decided that my best best was to clean up the colour comp I’d done and turn that into sort of a dumbed down version of my finished piece.  Honestly I don’t think my figure drawing is really good enough yet to do a proper painting with people in it without a reference.  This way sort of worked out better for me.

So I spent basically all evening working on that and I was going to post it but I changed my mind. It’s sort of a present for my husband and I want him to be the first person to see it.  So I’ll give it to him tomorrow and then post it tomorrow evening.  That will sort of be cheating since I did it today, although technically I didn’t finish it until after midnight so maybe it counts :P.  Either way, I’ll do another sketch tomorrow too to make up for it.  So sorry I don’t have much for you today, Just some basc figures.  I’ll have more for you tomorrow for sure though.


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