Day 43: Just a big loose mess

Well isn't that just a big ol' mess
Well isn’t that just a big ol’ mess

I have an early morning again tomorrow so I really should have gotten this post done earlier.  There’s a really bad pattern emerging again that I need to get out of at some point.  Anyway, today’s sketches are super rough and loose.  I was practicing gesture drawings and drawing from the shoulder instead of the wrist which makes things look much looser.  It kind of feels like drawing with my left (non-dominant) hand.  Possibly with more practice it will become easier and more natural.  Starting off though it feels completely foreign and I end up with lines and shapes that I can’t control very accurately.  That being said it was quite a fun exercise.  The assignment was to draw five pages of ovals.  I just ended up filling up the one page in my small sketchbook with ovals for practice.  I’m going to do the full assignment later but had a couple other things I wanted to try out before going to bed.  Then I ended up drawing cubes all over my ovals … because … well I’d already thoroughly messed up that page so why not.  Then I thought it might be fun to try drawing some faces using the “from the shoulder” technique.  That was quite challenging and they turned out a bit strange.  The random bizarre looking figure at the bottom is supposed to be a guy wildly waving his pencil in the air which is sort of what it felt like I was doing.  Oh and there’s a really rough sketch of a tank or something at the top of the page.  I actually drew that before filling the page with ovals.  It was while I was watching the tutorial before the assignment was given.  I was just trying out the “from the shoulder” drawing and decided that the circles I drew were wheels so I wanted to draw kind of a trapezoid on top of them.

I also did a bunch of really loose gesture drawings to get some more practice with those.  These are all 60 second sketches so they are quite bad.  I hope to get better with time.

Speed Gestures 1a Speed Gestures 1bI was using the posemaniacs website which is strangely addictive and super fun.  There’s something oddly freeing about just drawing as much as you can in 60 seconds and then starting on something new.  You don’t really even get to try to go for perfect, you just try to get a basic idea and then the countdown starts and you need to look up again and take in the next pose.  I’m going to try to do a lot more of these because it seems like a really great exercise and, as I said, is quite addictive.  With enough practice (and maybe a refresher on basic figure construction) hopefully I’ll be able to get these down a lot better and get a better sense of how to pose figures and where everything goes.  That’s the goal anyway.


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