Day 40: Well… so much for an earlier bedtime

IMore Faces! Younger Faces! decided to draw faces again today.  I think I’ll probably be doing a lot of these over the next couple of weeks.  There are two reasons for that.  The first is that I’m actually tarting to see progress on these and I want to keep experimenting to see how far I can get with them.  The second reason is that I’ve just been trying to get a grip on a lot of things lately and I have been having a ridiculous amount of difficulty figuring out what to draw each day.  A lot of the more complicated stuff takes me a really long time because I’m trying to learn by doing.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s a great experience and I love doing it, I’ve just been having trouble fitting it in.

I’ve got too many different things competing for my time right now and I’m trying to get organize and sort them all out so that I can have more time to just sit and draw things that I’m really bad at just to try to figure out how they work.  I’m also trying to find time to read some art books and put together some skill building exercises for myself so that I can start doing those.  I really want to see some improvement in the next year so I’m doing my best to set myself up for success.  I’m just trying to play a long game right now and that means taking it a bit easy on the daily sketches and some of the other things I’ve been doing for a bit while I get everything in order.  I don’t want to give up though.  I just want to do some of the easy fun stuff for a while.

So what that comes down to is lots more faces and anything else that I find fun and easy and inspiring.  I really like how these faces came out.  I don’t say that very often, and there are definitely still some issues with these that I need to work on some more, but I actually think I’m improving.  I’m getting a much better idea of basic facial structure and where everything goes.  I also feel like the emotions I’m trying to convey have been getting better the more I practice.  These ones feel a lot stronger to me than the last few batches.  I’m excited to see how much further I can go.


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