Day 39: Still making my way

Reaching for the LightToday is Sunday and Sunday is hand day!  Oh good, I don’t have to think.  Maybe I should come up with topics for all of the days of the week.  That would make things much simpler.  Of course it would also be really restrictive and boring.  Not a great idea.  I’m working on figuring out some good practice exercises instead.  That way if I have an idea of something I really want to draw I can draw that and if I don’t I can default to whatever practice exercise I’m most in the mood for.  Kind of like what I’ve been doing with the figures and faces except a little but ore structured and hopefully more productive.  That’s the master plan anyway.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on crawling my way out of that rabbit hole.  I’ll make it out eventually.  I’ve gone pretty deep into the land of master painters right now.  So many paintings to look at, so little time.  I mean to do other things, really I do.  Anyway, I did manage to get this hand drawn.  It’s supposed to be reaching up.  Me trying to reach out of the rabbit hole?  I’m not sure I quite like how it turned out.  The lines looked really prominent on my hand so I drew them on there but I think they make it look a bit strange.  I’m also not sure the perspective comes across the way it did in life.  Still, I did my best.  I managed to improve from the first draft and just couldn’t figure out how to fix it from there.


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