Day 37: Faces galore!

Faces GaloreI felt like drawing more random faces today.  I’m not entirely sure if I’m getting any better at these but I feel like I approach it from a slightly different angle every time I do them.  I think at the very least I’m learning and trying to apply new perspectives and processes.  That’s a pretty good feeling, feels like progress.  These are still my favourite things to do.  I enjoy trying to do new things or to look at the faces in slightly different ways.  I also still love distorting my own face in order to try to come up with new expressions or figure out where to put my lines.  I guess I’m still pretty much a kid at heart.  My favourite thing to do is make silly faces and then try to draw them.

I unfortunately had a minor setback on my whole “going to bed early scheme” today.  Didn’t get around to the sketching until quite late again.  That’s probably the reason why I chose this fun exercise instead of trying to think of something specific to draw.  I am determined not to fall back into bad habits again though.  I can do this.  No more rabbit holes and start going to bed at a reasonable time.  That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it, setbacks or no.  Humph.


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