Day 36: Oh no, I fell down a rabbit hole again

Sleepy Head

After yesterday’s drawing of my husband I thought I ought to give another try at doing him a bit better justice.  I didn’t want to make him sit still for me two days in a row so I tried to do a sketch of him sleeping.  The only problem was he woke up fairly soon after I started sketching and started moving around effectively ruining my angle.  I tried to at least get the basic idea down but it didn’t turn out quite as well as I had hoped.

Today was just another one of those completely unproductive days.  I actually did this sketch first thing in the morning and it’s just been sitting on my desk all day.  I was just about to post it when I fell down a rabbit hole again.  I really need to do better at avoiding those, they’re quite dangerous.  No more following little white rabbits, they’ll only make you late too.  I’m starting to think that despite everything I’ve always believed to be true, tabs are not in fact my friends.  They can take me to so many interesting places, and all at the same time too!  However, it comes at a cost.  My attention span gets fractured as does my mind and I enter into a time vortex and come out hours later confused and disoriented.  I keep meaning to close them all down in order to prevent this but there are just so many things that I feel I should get back to at some point.

This is definitely a third world problem.  It’s also a modern problem.  So much information so readily available at our finger tips.  We really can learn and do and be anything that we want to.  The real difficulty is in choosing one thing and sticking to it.  That’s really what this whole exercise is supposed to be about for me.  Sometimes it feels like I’m just faking my way through it, doing the work while missing the entire point of the assignment.  If I really want to improve I need to learn how to stay on task better.  The sad truth is that no one, despite what they think, is really good at multi-tasking.  Our brains can only truly focus on one thing at a time.  When we say we’re multi-tasking what we’re really doing is jumping back and forth between tasks constantly shifting that attention and dividing it.  It’s pretty much the opposite of focusing and not actually very helpful.  I’ve always prized multi-tasking but I think I should try to work harder at one-tasking.  That’s my take away from today.


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