Day 34: More figures and an attempt at an earlier bed time

Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can ...
Spider-man, Spider-man, does whatever a spider can …

Alright, you were warned.  I really do need more practice with figure drawing.  These are still pretty bad but practice makes perfect or so they say.  Here’s the story behind today’s sketches.  When I was starting that sketch of my mother on the weekend while she was talking to my brother on Skype she mentioned to him that I was drawing.  At the time I had only made an oval for a head and was trying to decide whether to draw my mum or try to just make someone up.  He asked what I was drawing and I said I was drawing a person.  He assumed that I meant a figure but I told him it was just a head shot because I’m no good at full figures.  “Oh, people are easy!” says my brother, “you just draw Spider-man and then add clothes and hair and things”.  I tried to tell him that I’m no good at drawing Spider-man either but he just scoffed and said that Spider-man is just a bunch of ovals.  So to make things a bit more interesting after last night’s figures I decided to take my brother’s advise … sort of.

Here’s some figure drawing practice in my brother’s style.  I did a couple basic stick figure poses and then built on the ones I liked best.  It’s black suit Spidey of course because he’s the coolest and also the easiest to colour.


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