Day 32: A New Month Begins

Open HandIt feels so strange not being able to look at the date for my day count anymore.  It’s February now!  Wow, a whole new month.  Time flies.  I spent most of my day trying to look up web design and coding information for embedding videos into html documents.  This is for one of my other projects which I figured it was high time I get going on with the start of a new month.  I think with any form of coding including web design the best thing to do is probably just to start trying things out, see what goes wrong and then do a ton of troubleshooting and debugging to actually get it working.  I just need to stop looking things up and get myself psyched up and motivated to get going on it instead.

Luckily I didn’t have to spend a long time pondering what to draw on the first day of this new month.  It just so happens to be a Sunday and Sundays are my days for practicing hand gestures.  No thought required.  Well, actually I spent quite a large amount of time trying to figure out what pose to draw the hand in.  I’ve done more backs of hands and closed hands than I have palms and open hands so I went for sort of an open grasping pose for this one.  I’m also practicing just drawing and trying to get depth and detail across with my lines rather than doing extensive shading to make things look rounder.  I’m not sure how well I did at that with this one.  I might need more practice.  I sort of started shading it and then changed my mind which probably wasn’t the best way to go so it ended up being partially shaded.   Still, I don’t think it’s too too bad.  I think I might be better with hands than I am with faces.  Now I just need to figure out how to integrate them properly onto a full figure … along with everything else.  No big deal.  I still have 333 days to practice all that.


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