Day 31: One month down, 11 to go

A quick sketch of my motherJanuary 31st already!  Wow, I made it a whole month.  I might actually be able to succeed at this resolution!  I probably shouldn’t sound so surprised about that.  Still, I’m happy that I’ve built a routine that seems to be working at least so far.  Hopefully I make some progress over the course of the year but either way it will be a fun experiment.  I’m already enjoying flipping through my (almost full) sketchbook.  Building some good and fun habits is the whole point anyway, right?  At least I think that should be the point of new years resolutions.  You set goals for yourself.  Things that you think you’ll be able to enjoy and that will help you learn and grow as a person.  Then you struggle with meeting those goals.  I set about 15 goals for myself this year so I may have gone a bit overboard.  So far I’ve only been succeeding at this one really but some of the others are quite loose so I can hopefully still make progress on them.  The important thing is not to give up, even (r maybe especially) when you fail.

Today’s sketch is pretty basic.  It’s a quick sketch of my mum that I did while she was talking to my brother over Skype.  I’m afraid that I didn’t get much expression across in this one.  My mum wasn’t being a very obliging model.  She was just staring down at her phone and moved to a seat next to me instead of across from me so I couldn’t see her very well and ended up doing most of it from memory or occasional glimpses I got of her face when she moved her head.  I guess that’s the problem with blocking out a pose ahead of time for a live (and moving) subject.  I didn’t shade this one either because I wanted to see how well I could get her features across without shading.  Basically just some more practice on faces.


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