Day 30: Some More Emotional Instability

Some Sketchy Faces

After yesterday’s fiasco with that poor girl’s face I decided that I definitely need some more practice with faces.  I need more practice with everything really but today I decided to focus more on faces again.  It helps that I actually like drawing faces.  My husband always gets a kick out of me drawing faces too, mostly because I start making strange faces as I’m drawing.  I’m always contorting my face and then either poking it or looking in the mirror to see where everything is.  He tends to look at me like I’ve gone nuts and he’s contemplating whether he should have me committed.  “What are you doing?” he asks in that I think you’re crazy tone of voice.  “Oh, I’m just drawing some faces” I say.

Today was a rough day so I needed something to cheer me up.  These drawings actually helped :).  Sometimes I really stress out about some of my sketches, just trying to get them right.  It may not seem like it based on some of the stuff I’ve posted but I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  When I’m trying to get something right and it’s just not working or like yesterday my drawing just looks really bad and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it, I tend to get quite stressed out.  For some reason I never really stress out when I’m just drawing basic faces though.  Some of them come out looking really dopey but it just doesn’t really bother me.  I just enjoy trying to figure out where everything goes and trying to rearrange things so that every face comes out looking a bit different than the last one.


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