Day 28: Time for a proper figure I think

Stephen CurryAfter the fiasco of yesterday’s sketch I decided it was high time I tried to draw an actual person again.  I would have done a life drawing but no one in my family was volunteering to be a model for me so I had to make do with a photo.  I’m so uncomfortable drawing actual human figures.  I’m never quite sure how to get all of the proportions right or how to make it realistic.  Usually when I draw a person it just looks off unless I’m really trying hard and have a good reference picture to go off of.  I’m hoping if I practice enough I’ll get the hang of it and improve.  That way maybe I’ll actually be able to do quick sketches of people without them looking really demented like my walk cycle figures yesterday.

So today I set off to draw an actual person.  I also wanted to draw something for my husband though because he wasn’t feeling well today and I wanted to cheer him up.  Clearly a Fire Emblem character wasn’t going to be good enough this time since that doesn’t really qualify as an actual person for me to draw, more anime style.  So I wracked my brain for a bit and then came up with Stephen Curry.  Basketball!  Of course!  That’s my husband’s other obsession.  I don’t know how I could forget about that.  I’ve seen video footage of him at the tender age of 2 going on and on about how much he loves “bahball” and how superior it is to all of the other sports.  He’s been a big fan of Stephen Curry’s for years now and is really excited about all of the hype he’s been getting lately.  So this sketch is for him.  He seemed fairly happy with it so I must not have screwed it up too badly.


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