Day 26: ‘Twas a dark and dreary night… or something like that

Generic dreary nighttime sceneToday was mostly another rest day, much to my frustration.  I felt so crappy yesterday that I ended up sleeping in ridiculously late today and still feeling completely drained.  So I forced myself to take it easy even though I’m starting to feel like a slug.  If I don’t get better soon and start actually getting on with my ever mounting to do list I’m going to go crazy.  Unfortunately pushing myself just seems to set me back so resting it is.

That frustrating feeling along with the stormy, rainy and generally dreary weather we’ve been having here for the past week or two are probably what’s responsible for today’s sketch.  I know I was trying to get some sort of feeling across here, I’m just not entirely sure which one.  It was just an image that popped into my head that I wanted to try to see if I could draw.  I couldn’t get the figure quite right and the scene is a bit empty but that kind it’s somewhere in the direction I wanted to go anyway.

I just hope I actually get better soon so that I can start making some actual progress.  I’m all caught up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and The 100 now and really not keen on picking up any more TV shows.  I just want to do things!  Preferably without feeling like crap afterwards and keeling over though.  *sigh* I suppose I can read some books at least.  And sleep.  Apparently my body wants A LOT of that these days.  Maybe if I let it sleep it will let me do things.  Quid pro quo, that’s how that works, right?


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