Day 25: I really really hate being sick

Hand holding pencilOkay so back to headaches and nausea and nonexistent energy level.  Awesome!  Just what I needed.  I guess I need to rest and take care of myself better for a while longer.  Seems my body is sending me some pretty clear signals not to push myself while it’s trying to recover.  I suppose part of that should involve going to bed at a reasonable time *sigh*.

Anyway, here’s the usual Sunday hand sketch.  I’d like to use the excuse that it’s hard to draw the hand that you’re using to hold the pencil but … I’m not convinced that was the problem.  I think I might actually be getting worse at drawing.  I heard that’s not possible, that you won’t get worse by drawing, just better … but I remain unconvinced.  Oh well, just keep at it I guess.


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