Day 21: Wow, three whole weeks in!

Collection of facial expressions
Mood swings much?

I have been ordered to get an early night tonight so I didn’t have time for a very detailed sketch today.  Well, I mean I could have done one earlier of course … but I didn’t.  What’s my excuse?  Well … ummm … I’m sure I have one, it’s just that … oh look, a distraction!

Anyway, I decided to do another random assortment of faces instead.  They don’t take very long and they’re lots of fun.  I’m very bad at body proportions and anatomy, making people look like people instead of oddly shaped cardboard cutouts and all that.  Full figures are not my strong suit and attempting them generally terrifies me.  I think I am starting to get a little better at faces though.  I’m having fun trying out different expressions and angles, making them all look distinct.  Faces are pretty much my go to for random sketches when I don’t have much time and/or don’t know what to draw so I’m sure I’ll be drawing a lot of them over the next year.  Hopefully I’ll get better as I go.


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