Day 19: Back to Work

Some bugs, just chillin'
Creepy Crawlies

Today I had to throw myself back into all of the stuff I’ve been neglecting during my recovery.  All of these bed rest days and doctor’s appointments and killer migraines and such have created a huge backlog for me.  There was a lot I wanted to try to get done in January that I haven’t really made any progress on at all thanks to my body’s inability to focus on anything for any length of time without getting worn out and beginning to develop a headache.  I guess my body didn’t get the memo.  New year, new resolutions, lots of work to be done.  This was not a good time to get sick *scowl*.

Anyway, I must be on the mend because I was fairly successful at focusing today!  Yay!  I even bought some supplement online to help boost my immune system.  Hear that body?  No more excuses.  I’m going to give you lots of love and support and supplements to help out and in exchange you’re going to fight off all the illnesses and diseases to come in 2015 and not let me get sick again.  Understood?

With all of this attempted productivity I still didn’t get around to sketching until quite late in the day, especially since I have an early morning tomorrow.  Worst thing for a faltering immune system is not getting enough sleep.  So if I’m going to hold up my end of this deal it means I need to try for an early night tonight.

With that in mind and absolutely no ideas for sketch subject I had to resort to a google image search today.  I ended up settling on some insects.  I figured it would be a nice break from all the human anatomy stuff I’ve been working on.  Insects can be so interesting looking, don’t you think?  Maybe these aren’t the best examples of that but I think so anyway.


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