Day 17: Just a WIP

Today's sketching attempt
Super Rough Sketch

Alright, I don’t know if I’m breaking my rules here or saving them but either way, here it goes.  I didn’t do a proper sketch today.  I was, however, working on something for my husband.  This is still quite rough and I don’t really like how it looks yet.  Unfortunately, given how much I wore myself out yesterday trying to finish my sketch I’m under strict orders not to push myself today.  I tried to focus on getting this one finished but I just don’t seem to have it in me today so I’m just posting it as is.  I may post a finished version later but since the sketching was done today that wouldn’t really count as a sketch of the day on whichever day I finish it on, right?  Normally I’d prefer to just post it whenever it was done but I got caught up in the twisted logic of my own dumb rules.

Anyway, she’s supposed to be a character from the newly announced Fire Emblem game.  My husband is a big fan of the series and is super excited about the new game.  He was telling me yesterday that he wishes he could draw so that he could do some fan art.  So I said maybe I would try to do some for him.  I was picturing something a little better than this but I may get there yet.  This sketch, my art skills and my recovery are all just still a WIP.


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