Day 16: More Bed Rest and a very Strange Dream

Attempted Sherlock sketch to appease the gods
No worries, Sherlock and Watson are on the case!

Last night I had a really weird dream.  I don’t remember most of it but I do remember that in my dream it was of the utmost importance that I had to draw Sherlock from the BBC show.  I think there was a card for someone involved or something and I absolutely needed to draw Sherlock on it but I just couldn’t do it.  So, when I woke up, I decided that I would have to at least take a shot at drawing Sherlock today.  I didn’t want Benedict Cumberbatch to come after me in my dreams tonight for failing to draw him.

Unfortunately I didn’t have enough energy left to draw Watson in the background so he looks absolutely terrible.  I must really still be in need of bed rest because this sketch actually took a lot out of me.  By the time I was finishing the shading I was starting to feel a bit woozy and developing a headache.  I may need to go back to five second sketches and lots of rest.  I didn’t put nearly as much energy into this one as I would have liked and apparently that was still too much for my ailing body.  Tomorrow’s sketch will probably be a crooked line and a lopsided circle or something.  Oh well, just keep on trugging on.  At least tonight I will be able to rest soundly knowing that if forced to draw Sherlock under pains of death I’ll be able to do at least marginally better than a curly haired stick figure.


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