Day 15: The Bed Rest Fest

Lame 5 second sketch
Someone’s got a bee in his bonnet

Honestly, I just didn’t get around to doing a proper sketch today.  Today was one of those days that I left the rules of my resolution so open for.  In addition to being sick myself, my husband was also sick today.  Seeing how crappy he was feeling I decided to declare a bed rest day for both of us and we binge watched Arrow.  I still need to have three meals to take my anti-viral medicine though and my husband wasn’t really feeling up to doing the cooking.  So even though I spent a decent part of my day in bed, somehow between making food for myself, feeding the cats, doing the dishes and an encounter with a rather groggy wasp I still managed to wear myself out completely.  I guess that’s what having a preoccupied immune system and a virus that’s attacking your nervous system does to you.

Anyway, I did draw something if only to keep my promise to myself.  Sorry for the five second sketch.  Eventually I will start drawing properly again.  I just need to get things together a bit better first.


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