Day 14: The Shingles Saga Continues

Random eye-related sketches
Some musings at the ophthalmologist’s office

I went to see the ophthalmologist today to get my eye checked out and make sure it hasn’t been infected by the shingles yet (luckily it looks clear so far).  The top three small sketches were copied from informational posters in the waiting room before I saw the eye doctor.

I was just going over the top right diagram when I got called in.  After he did a basic check of my eyes he put some eye drops in to super dilate them so that he could get a better look at the inner eye.  He then sent me back out to the waiting room for another half hour or so to give the eye drops time to take effect.  I don’t think it took them that long to kick in because by them time I’d sat down and taken out my sketchbook all of the lines looked blurry and I couldn’t focus at all.  The other two sketches were done during this time period.  I couldn’t do any details without being able to see my lines so they were very rough and reflective of the state I was in at the time.  Trying to draw without being able to see the product clearly was an interesting experience.

Next I pulled out my phone to listen to a podcast but it was keyed up to the wrong episode and I couldn’t see any of the navigation text so I couldn’t get to a different episode.  Fun times all around.  My favourite part though was making super creepy silly faces into the mirror and at my husband.  For some reason I was endlessly entertained by being able to pull any face I wanted with my pupils looking like giant eerie holes.

I’m glad my eye isn’t infected.  Hopefully the shingles run their course without reaching it and my eye stops hurting so badly soon so I can do some less lame sketches :).


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