Day 12: January 12th, 2015

Random character design sketch
You can’t tell me what to do! That does sound like a good idea though …

Another brilliant suggestion from my husband.  He loves to give me the complicated things to work on.  This time it was “Why don’t you design a new character?”.  One of these days I will learn not to accept every challenge, particularly when I’m really not feeling up to it.

Sorry this one is so rough.  I am still feeling quite sick, spent most of the day in bed and ate hardly anything.  Also, whatever is wrong with me seems to be affecting my right eye which has been very sore all day, even when I’m not feeling headachey in general.  I actually spent quite a bit of time on this sketch but I just couldn’t focus enough to get it cleaned up or shaded.  I actually gave it a shot a couple of times but eventually had to give up.  So since I’m sworn to post a sketch every day it will just have to go up as is.  Maybe I’ll try to do a better, more polished, version of her in the future, sometime when I don’t feel like death warmed over.


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