Day 9: January 9th, 2015

Try ot to get hit by that tree, kid!
A blustery day

I actually drew a scene today!  Really I just wanted to draw a tree.  My tress have a tendency of looking really bizarre.  When I was a kid, my brother explained to be how trees start with one trunk but then they branch out like “v”s into multiple branches.  It was a useful lesson but I have a tendency of taking things just a little bit too literally.  Rather than seeing it as a hint and expanding from there I pretty much treated it as a mathematical equation and started drawing trees on which each branch formed exactly two more branches on a “v” and then I would throw on a leaf or two.  I think I’ve tried to break that habit a few times but it’s still the first thing that comes to mind when I try to draw a tree.

So today I went to the park and tried to draw a tree that actually looks like a tree.  Then I got distracted by the way the leaves were blowing in the wind.  In the end I had a rough looking tree with leaves blowing in the wind and it looked a bit off and not quite finished.  I figured maybe I could make it look better by turning it into a scene and this sketch evolved from there.

Of course it’s completely the wrong time of year for this drawing.  I imagine this being a blustery mid fall sort of day.  The weather is just starting to get really cold and it’s shaping up to be a long hard winter.  The warm summer days are over and this part of the planet is going to be further away from the sun for a while.  Still, looking up into the sky you can see the sun shining just as brightly as ever and you know that it will still be there, waiting for your return.

I still need lots more practice with faces and bodies … and maybe trees and shading … but I don’t entirely hate how this turned out.


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