Day 8: January 8th. 2015

The rise of skeletor!
Alas, poor Yorick!

Today’s post is a little bit morbid looking.  Don’t worry, this isn’t in any way related to my anger management issues, I promise!  This is just another exercise in my ongoing quest to figure out how to draw human facial structures.  Yesterday’s post had some of the terrible five second sketch examples of how much more practice I need with that.

I feel like I learned a decent amount from this exercise and I’m glad I did it.  Unfortunately I was drawing from a photograph of an actual human skull from a medical textbook.  While it was neat to have an actual representation of a skull to go off of rather than another artist’s rendition it was also quite limiting to sketch from a photo.

I think I would prefer to have an actual skull to sketch so that I could move it around and draw it from interesting angles.  That’s a completely normal thing to go shopping for right?  I’m sure I can just wander down to any old store and ask them where they keep their human skulls… “Oh and do you have any different selections on offer?  I’d like to see some in males and females, and maybe a child skull if you have one.”

… I’m not doing a very good job of convincing anyone that I’m not crazy am I?  I have normal interests too …  like … um … Ah, I give up.  I’m a total nutbar.


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