Day 7: January 7th, 2015

Robot heads count as working towards facial structure, right?
A random collection of heads …

This seems to be becoming the blog of excuses rather than the blog of sketches.  Every day a new excuse for how bad my sketch is… that’s not a very good system.  Anyway, that being said, I actually did have a really really bad day today.  This was the kind of day that was so bad that I’m having trouble typing right now because my right hand still aches from punching a door … and then a bed …

Possibly I should work on my anger management skills as well as my art skills… Is there a challenge for that?  Maybe a twelve step program…

Anyway, I never really came up with a subject for a proper daily sketch.  I wanted to work more on human faces and heads though so I did a collection of random head doodles.  They’re not very detailed or accurate.  I was mostly just playing around trying out different angles and seeing if I could work out the facial structure for them.  Some of them definitely turned out worse than others and I didn’t really get any kind of depth across in any of them.  Still, failing any other artistic endeavors for the day, this will have to count as my sketch of the day.  Making some progress at least.


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