Day 6: January 6th, 2015

Caricature, yeah, that's what I was going for ...
Behold the horrifying self portrait of doom

I couldn’t think of anything interesting to sketch today and I need a lot of practice drawing people so I decided to do another portrait.  Unfortunately I wasn’t going on any long train journeys this time so I couldn’t stalk sketch anyone.  So I decided to try sketching from a photo.  I wanted to do someone I know rather than a celebrity or a random person found on google image search.  I also didn’t want to offend anyone I know with my horrible horrible representation of them so it was a bit of a conundrum.

Solution: a terrfying and horribly distorted self portrait!  I chose a relatively good photo of myself and proceeded to completely mutilate it.  I promise that I don’t look this scary in real life.  I’m really a very nice person and not crazy at all … really.  At least this way everyone can just laugh at my horrible drawing of myself rather than being offended at a bad drawing of them.  Much less stressful that way :).

My step-dad says that it’s not too bad because it has somewhat caricaturistic features and sub par art is more forgivable when it comes off like a caricature.  Yep … thanks.  That was totally what I was going for there…  I think I’ll just go shoot myself now, ‘kay?


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